I am Stephen Shaw. I am a Globally Renowned Mystic, Clairvoyant, Shaman, Energy Healer, Life Coach for Body-Mind-Spirit, Tantra Master, and Author of 12 bestselling life-changing spiritual books (hundreds of 5-star reviews on Amazon).

I have coached thousands of worldwide clients via Skype, Zoom or at their homes. You can read the client testimonials on my website.

As seen on KTNV Las Vegas, NBC Palm Springs, multiple radio shows, podcasts, magazines and media.
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What are the secrets of deeply fulfilled human beings? How could you immerse yourself in profound self-love? How would you feel in an authentic, intimate, loving, kind romantic relationship? What are Divine Love, Soul Freedom and Spiritual Awakening? Everything is revealed in the Life Success Secrets Course.
Life Success Secrets by Stephen Shaw
  • Topics include health, nutrition, exercise, wealth creation, deep self-love, fulfilling romantic relationships, blissful living
  • ​Transform your entire life with advanced knowledge, secrets and tools
  • ​Nourish your body, mind, heart and soul
  • Three forms of love that truly matter
  • ​The exquisite joy of acceptance
  • The power of loving-kindness
  • ​The magic of ecstatic Tantra
  • ​Shift into spiritual Awakening
Create profound body-mind-spirit transformation in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, love and spirituality (no religious ideology, just pure spiritual principles). Move your life to the next level. It may take you a few days or weeks to complete the Course, but it will be worth it!!

How do you find teachings that are advanced, thought-provoking, incredibly useful and genuinely transformative? Well, that's my life's work! Starting with university degrees majoring in Psychology, and many post-graduate qualifications, reading thousands of books and attending plenty of seminars, finally travelling the planet for a decade, and learning from powerful, secretive masters. Importantly, I tried everything I ever learned in the real world, in my own life.

We have all been in difficult, challenging relationships. Every relationship tells us where we need to heal, grow and evolve. Every uncomfortable life situation, broken dream and regret is a teacher, that invites you to make new choices, employ new strategies, and move to a higher level of growth and fulfillment. The key revelation: there are profound, exquisite secrets to move you into deep personal fulfilment and joyful, drama-free romantic relationships.

I am now in the rare position of having achieved all my dreams. I have had a fabulous life, full of choices, challenges and costs. I won’t pretend it was easy or without times of sadness or fear. Life is a journey, right? However, as I learned and applied these Life Success Secrets, every year improved and eventually my life flourished and blossomed. And yours will too!

Life does not have to be a continual challenge or struggle. You just need to know the answers! I am in a fabulous marriage that is profoundly spiritual, loving, kind, authentic, intimate, and deeply Tantric. The Life Success Secrets Course points the way to the 'exquisilicious' magic of self-love, kindness, life harmony, joyful romantic relationships, Tantra, Soul Freedom and Spiritual Awakening.

The Life Success Secrets Course is only available right here (not at my website or Amazon). Scroll all the way down this page to discover your fabulous limited-time offer!
What are the secrets for creating your dream life? What are the principles, techniques and tools for wealth creation or creating a lucrative business from home in our modern digital economy? What are the pragmatic methods that actually work, with no 'woo-woo'? All is revealed in the Life Success Secrets Course.
Life Success Secrets by Stephen Shaw
  • Advanced 'real world' techniques and tools to envision and create your dream reality
  • ​Excellent guidelines for wealth creation
  • ​Highly practical low-cost ways to build a lucrative at-home business
  • ​Learn to do what you love for a living
  • ​Find your inner magic: skills, passions and types of intelligence
  • ​Discover the power of self-belief and real inner confidence
  • ​Move into deep fulfilment and success
You can be spiritual AND wealthy! Wealth gives you freedom, opportunities and choices. It affords you a healthy, peaceful lifestyle. It allows you to take care of your family. It empowers you to help the less fortunate, e.g. contribute to charities. Why can't you earn $10,000-$20,000 per month working from home? Why can't you learn the scalability secrets of our modern digital economy and become the next millionaire? Open your mind and learn the truth about gaining financial wealth.

These wealth creation principles are not 'woo-woo' manifestations done by sitting on the couch, commanding things into existence, and believing you are worthy of receiving. These are real world principles, techniques and how-to levers that actually work. It's time to update your knowledge so you can achieve all the dreams, hopes and wishes swirling in your heart and mind.

Importantly, I am living proof of this knowledge. I am living my dream life. I had no advantages in life. I had a challenging childhood. I received zero inheritance when my parents passed. I paid my own way through university. Everything I have achieved and accomplished has been from lifelong learning. Now I work 3 days per week. I earn more in those 3 days than most people earn in a month. Every day is filled with supreme health, security, fulfilment, bliss, joy and peace. My marriage to Cheyenne is profoundly loving and joyful. I have written 12 bestselling life-changing spiritual books which are available as Kindle, Paperback or Hardcover at my website and Amazon.

The Life Success Secrets Course is only available right here (not at my website or Amazon). Scroll all the way down this page to discover your fabulous limited-time offer! 
Let's destroy the myths and confusion. Do you want to know the secrets to losing fat and keeping it off? Would you like to know principles that awesomely shape your body?
Life Success Secrets by Stephen Shaw
  • ​Secrets of body sculpting and fat-burning
  • ​Modern, highly researched principles
  • ​How to achieve a slim, healthy body
  • ​Motivation and emotional support
  • ​Radically increase your metabolic rate
  • ​Foods that harm the body and store fat
  • ​Optimal foods for health and vitality
  • ​Starch-cycling and treat meals​
  • ​An awesome eating guide
  • ​Macronutrient strategies
Research and knowledge have advanced rapidly over the last decade. Yet, people are still locked in the nutrition and exercise myths of the past! It is incredible that most nutritionists and personal trainers have antiquated and bygone ideas about health. You need to discover what genuinely works!

Do you believe that old-fashioned cardio or 10,000 daily steps will burn fat? That's actually the least effective way to burn bodyfat. Are you convinced about the health of green smoothies? A smoothie made with tumeric, spinach and dates is overflowing with harmful oxalates. Do you know that over 80% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D (crucial for the immune system)?

Discover the modern secrets to create a lean, healthy, fabulous body!

The Life Success Secrets Course shares secrets, principles and techniques for advanced nutrition, health and exercise. All based on modern, up-to-date research. Everything tested, honed and refined by me over many years. I have thousands of thrilled, satisfied clients. The secrets and principles are simple and easy to understand, and most of all, they work!

I will show you how to attain awesome health, increase your energy, lose weight and burn bodyfat. Ponder this: Cheyenne and I are both in our 50's and have perfect health and vitality and sleek bodies. If we can do it, then you can too! Our diet is not vegetarian; however, the teaching suits all eating lifestyles. Don't waste time with calorie-counting, tape measures and scales. Apply all secrets and techniques, then spend your precious time doing what you love and having fun!
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After purchasing the fabulous offer below, you will be invited to join my private Facebook Group. Benefits of my Facebook Group: ​Exclusive access, not open to the public. Belong to a growing spiritual community. Connect, learn, discuss, share, heal and evolve. ​​Chat with me about Life Success Secrets. ​Ask Me Anything (support, guidance and mentorship). Access to online Group Coaching and distant Energy Healing sessions. Embrace your new life!
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  • ​Invitation to join my Private Facebook Group (exclusive access, not open to the public; belong to a spiritual community; ask me anything; guidance, support and mentorship)
  • Access to online Group Coaching and distant Energy Healing sessions with Stephen (profound and powerful sessions)
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Stephen Shaw
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